Anderson Cooper hosted Dr. John Gottman on his show recently to work with Crysta and Steve, a couple from Cincinnati. But before Dr. Gottman went live with them in NYC, he first had the Anderson Show video-tape the couple meeting with his colleague Jonathan Shippey to complete the couples assessment that Dr. Gottman designed over his 40 years of conducting research with couples. These questions have proven to be quite powerful in pinpointing a couple's strengths and challenges and provide the road map for the therapy to follow. Watch Part 1 below, where Anderson introduces Jonathan's work with this couple and then shows some clips featuring the kinds of questions you can expect on your first visit with Jonathan.


Take a minute to listen to Jonathan's recent interview with a Tampa radio station, in which he describes John Gottman's discovery of four ways couples relate to each other that are so deadly poisonous that Gottman calls them the Four Horsemen. Jonathan's certification in the Gottman method, as well as his extensive training in another research-based method of couples therapy called Emotionally Focused Therapy, has equipped him to help couples stop these toxic behaviors and learn to replace them with loving responses.

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