For Therapists


Workshops for Professionals in Gottman Couples Therapy

gottman level 1: Bridging the couple chasm

This is a two-day workshop (12 CLE Hours) that provides therapists with a ready-to-use method for conducting a thorough assessment of every couple who comes to you, providing both you and the couple with a reliable road map for success. This workshop will also give research-based strategies and tools to help couples successfully manage conflict compassionately, as well as techniques for empowering couples to deepen their friendship and intimacy.

gottman level 2: assessment, intervention, & co-morbidities

This three-day training (20 CLE Hours) will deepen your understanding of Gottman Couples Method Therapy by expanding your strategies and interventions with your couples. Participants will view demonstration films and participate in extensive discussions. Visit the Contact page for more information.