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Gottman Relationship Therapy

Proven & Practical

Jonathan has trained extensively with Drs. John and Julie Gottman, who are known worldwide for their groundbreaking research and insights into what works in couples therapy. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Jonathan is the only Gottman Certified Relationship Therapist between the cities of Nashville and Cincinnati. This method of therapy is very solution-focused and incredibly hope-giving in its application.

This method is based on the research by Drs. John and Julie Gottman that began in the 1970s and continues to this day. The Gottman method focuses on what makes marriages succeed or fail and emphasizes a nuts and bolts approach to improving the relationship of the clients. By providing specific tools to help deepen friendship and intimacy in the relationship, Jonathan works with couples to help grow an appreciation of the relationship’s strengths and to gently navigate through vulnerabilities.


Assessment - Couples will complete written materials to help Jonathan better understand the marriage relationship, including the history of the relationship and areas of concern. Jonathan will then meet with the individuals to understand personal histories and relationship goals.


Treatment - After the assessment phase, Jonathan will share with the couple his recommendations for treatment and work to define mutually agreed upon goals for continuing therapy.


Phase Out - In the later stages of therapy, couples will meet with Jonathan less often and will test out new relationship skills.


Termination & Outcome Evaluation - Once the couple feels as though their goals have been reached, there will be a “good-bye” session, which will then be followed by four follow-up sessions over time to fine-tune any relationship skills that need additional attention.